How to buy bitcoin in Pakistan without trouble

Nowadays everyone is discussing the cryptocurrency market and how investing in it can bring it wealth. Many people don’t know that digital currencies went through many ups & downs over the past several decades. Furthermore the investment in cryptocurrency is not risk-free. You want to learn how to purchase Bitcoins in Pakistan? This whole article is worth reading. We've got all the details you could require.

Bitcoin is a digital currency that, has experienced extreme fluctuations in its value over recent years. However, we will examine these changes in the worth of Bitcoin in the next article.

Many people in Pakistan are searching for Bitcoin and the best place to purchase it. The first thing they look for is information about how to purchase Bitcoin from Pakistan. Then, they look on the web for wallets that accept digital currencies. They also ask how to trade bitcoins in Pakistan.

Here is a method to How to buy bitcoin in Pakistan free easy method

These are just some of the many questions people are likely to ask. There's no definitive answer to these questions on the internet.

We'll be able to answer all your questions and will also guide you about safer ways of buying Bitcoin in Pakistan. We will also give all information relevant to blockchain in this article. We will begin by discussing cryptocurrency and which cryptocurrency is available for purchase.


A digital or virtual currency which is protected by cryptography is referred to as cryptocurrency. Due to this cryptography cannot be forged by anyone else. cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrencies are distributed networks which are based upon Blockchain technology. The key feature of cryptocurrency is the fact that it does not have any central bank or authority, which makes it inaccessible to government officials.

Different types of cryptocurrency

There are different types of cryptocurrency available in the world right now. Bitcoin is still the most important digital currency around the world. Each digital currency has its own specifications and functions.

These are some of these cryptocurrency that are in high demand all over the world.

This is the image of various virtual currencies or crypto coins.


We explained cryptocurrency is based upon blockchain technology. We'll explain the concept of blockchain.

Blockchain is a growing set of data, also known as blocks that are connected by cryptography. It is a kind of digital ledger that stores the records of each transaction between two entities. Blockchain is an efficient and reliable system. Blockchain doesn't permit users to change data. It is simply an open digital ledger that cannot be altered.

Image of the banner featuring blockchain technology

While there are numerous other cryptocurrency around the globe, Bitcoin is by far the most valuable. We will focus on Bitcoin. Here are a few things you should know before jumping to the procedure of purchasing Bitcoin in Pakistan.

We have covered all the details about blockchain and cryptocurrency, today we will focus on the most important thing for which you all are waiting for "Bitcoin".

Bitcoin is among the most popular and valuable cryptocurrencies in the world right now. Bitcoin prices rose dramatically in 2017 because of its high value. One Bitcoin is now worth 1,446,470.09 Pakistani dollars. You have a number of choices to store Bitcoins. There is an enormous amount of interest in Bitcoin in Pakistan. Here are the ways to buy Bitcoin and the risks.

Is Bitcoin Legal to Purchase in Pakistan?

All cryptocurrencies were prohibited by the State Bank of Pakistan in April 2018. They instructed all banks and monetary services providers to ban any cryptocurrency transaction. Although it is not legal in Pakistan to buy Bitcoins however, there are investors who are investing in Bitcoin. Therefore, making investments in Bitcoin isn't risk-free, and you could be caught if you are trading Bitcoin in Pakistan.

The ban on cryptocurrency means that there is no legal currency exchange in Pakistan. This has resulted in a large amount of Bitcoin transactions being conducted using cash. You could be arrested by the Federal Investigating Agency (FIA), if you're trading Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency in Pakistan. So consider this risk before buying or selling Bitcoin in Pakistan.

An infographic that explains how people in Pakistan trade bitcoins or how to buy it.

How to buy Bitcoin in Pakistan

One exchange is available in Pakistan. Users can use it for Bitcoin purchases in Pakistan. allows you to buy and sell bitcoins in Pakistan. You will need to register on their website in order to trade Bitcoins with We'll walk you through how to buy Bitcoin in Pakistan.

Click Sign Up to be notified of Localbitcoins for free.

The password and email address will be needed to establish an account.

For large transactions you must upload a scanned copy of your CNIC. It is not necessary to upload a scan of your CNIC if you're not going to make large transactions.

Click Buy Bitcoins after registering an account.

The listing of Bitcoin traders will appear. They are trading Bitcoins. You should select the trader who has positive feedback.

Click "Buy" to read all conditions and terms

After reading it, you can enter the Bitcoin amount you wish to buy with the seller.

The seller will now provide you with the information about local payments on which you must send the currency of your locality.

The seller will then release your bitcoins. The seller will let the bitcoins go if you have not sent funds within one hour. If you don't, the seller might contest the transaction.

Bitcoins will be deposited into your wallet.

Screenshot of the site

You can also sell Bitcoins. Just click "Sell Bitcoins" and then sell them to the broker who is paying you the most.


The prohibition on Bitcoin trading in Pakistan has led to most Pakistanis transacting bitcoins through cash. There was another Bitcoin trading platform urdubit, but they don't trade Bitcoins now in Pakistan. It was the first Bitcoin trading platform to be found in Pakistan. Face-to-face purchasing Bitcoin in Pakistan is another option. Face-to-face transactions allow you to make an agreement and you get a payment in local currency.


Thus, Bitcoin trading continues in Pakistan. People are still willing to invest in Bitcoin trading, despite the risks associated with it. The repercussions of Bitcoin dealing in Pakistan are important to remember if you plan on buying or selling it. We tried to discuss all things related to Bitcoin and we hope that all your queries regarding Bitcoin are answered in this article.

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